- The sweetest little song, leonard cohen

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hades and persephone at the beach uwu

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Some shippy things for Georgia re: Poesy n Rab in their current forms. ;;;)

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Gayle Forman, Where She Went

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Spiral Staircase in Peleș Castle, Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

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Lipton felt that “when men are in combat, the inevitability of it takes over. They are there, there is nothing they can do to change that, so they accept it. They immediately become callused to the smell of death, the bodies, the destruction, the killing, the danger. Enemy bodies and wounded don’t affect them. Their own wounded and the bodies of their dead friends make only a brief impression, and in that impression is a fleeting feeling of triumph or accomplishment that it was not them. [Thank God it was him and not me is a feeling common to many combat soldiers when their comrades fall; later it can produce guilt feelings.] There is still work to be done, a war to be won, and they think about that.”
 Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest (p. 163)
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